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Leadership Circle


The United Way Board of Directors would like to thank all of the great businesses, industries, schools, and individuals who helped us reach our goal of $200,000 this year. We are proud to be a part of such a giving and caring community. Your donations stay right here in Scotland County and go directly to the 17 non-profit agencies we fundraise for, helping them enrich our community through the programs they provide to our community. The United Way would also like to recognize our 2011/12 Leadership Circle. These individuals pledged donations at significant levels. Thank you Scotland County for your kindness and support!!


Kim Brown, Pamela Williams, Dr. Frank & Rosanna Ball, Dr. Rick & Barbara Alexander, Wayne & Debbie Hobbs, Elizabeth Robey, Kirsten Dean, Michael Livosky, Larry Taylor, John Veshinski, John Beranek, Anna Britt, Andrew Davis, Merrideth Hale, Steve Liles, Juliet McMills, Patrica Gentry, Pauline Gruver, Slaughter, Maxine Cummins, Lawrence Reichner, Kevin Patterson, Karen Carlisle, James Mason III, Cathy GilChrist, Sherrie Moore, Ann Locklear, Patrick Kreuser, Jane Murray, Cheryl Hine, Iris Locklear, Andrea Fields, James Staten, Nancy Walker, Lee Peterson, Jay Todd, Lori Dove, and Ronnie Strickland


Dr. Fred and Lynne Mabry, Virginia Bateman, Reginald Poteat, Allen Dotson, Matt Pracht, and Harry Dragons


Emerson & Dinah Veler, and Greg Wood